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Yellowdesks Terms & Conditions

Version: v0.3
Last changed: 2017-10-29
Author: Yelowdesks GmbH

This document describes the terms and conditions between "Yellowdesks" (see below), the "coworker" (see below) and the "host" (see below).

"Yellowdesks" is:

Yellowdesks GmbH
Jakob-Haringer-Str. 3
5020 Salzburg
Austria / Europe

The "coworker" is a company that leases workspace.
The "host" is a company that rents workspace.

Yellowdesks is a community marketplace for booking and renting out work space.

After a host registers a workingspace at Yellowdesks, Yellowdesks advertises this workingspace.
Coworkers can book this workingspace at Yellowdesks. Yellowdesks rents the workingspace from the host and sublease it to the coworker.
The coworker is charged by Yellowdesks. The host will receive it's rent in the next billing cycle (monthly).

Its explicitly said that this is a B2B (business to business) service. Both coworkers and hosts have to
accept these terms and conditions in the latest version available so no private persons are allowed
to open up a profile on Yellowdesks (and thus can not book Yellowdesks).

All given prices anywhere on the page are excluding VAT.

The host provides a fixed number of work spaces at his self defined price (both number and price can be changed at any time).
As soon as the profile setup is completed Yellowdesks starts with advertising the provided workingspace.

Yellowdesks is allowed to instantly advertise the workspace and accept bookings during the provided opening hours.
All other leases have to be approved by the host within 24h.

Yellowdesks provides a sublease agreement with the coworker requesting the workspace. The coworker has to
pay the rent in advance, shortly after booking (at least 15 minutes).

If a host does not accept the booking or the booking is cancelled the rent is charged back as soon as possible.

Payouts to host is done at the end of following month with some days delay.

Please note that Yellowdesks is not responsible for any damages that might result from using this service.

We reserve the rights that Yellowdesks charges (monthly) service fees.

Place of jurisdiction: City of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria, Europe.

- Rules are applied from top to bottom, so first rule is evaluated first, then second, then third and so on.
- First matching rule is applied, others ignored.
- Both start and end dates are included, e.g. 1.3 - 3.3. is read as 1.3., 2.3. and 3.3. (three days)

Definition: day of rest ("Ruhetag")
1. All public holidays in austria, listed in wikipedia (
2. All days in hosts's profile where no opening-hours are set (at the time of booking)

Example: coworker books from 31.10.2017 to 7.11.2017 at host "coworkingsalzburg" (assuming opening hours on monday till saturday)
Tue 31.10.2017 = working day, will be charged
Wed 1.11.2017 = public holiday, no charge
Thu 2.11.2017 = working day, will be charged
Fri 3.11.2017 = working day, will be charged
Sat 4.11.2017 = working day, will be charged
Sun 5.11.2017 = day of rest, no charge
Mon 6.11.2017 = working day, will be charged
Tue 7.11.2017 = working day, will be charged

Definition: calculate_timespan
-- snip (php example code) --
$date1 = new DateTime('2017-02-01');

$date2 = new DateTime('2017-03-07');
$date2->add(new DateInterval('P1D')); // end date included

$diff = $date1->diff($date2);
printf('%u year(s), %u month(s), %u day(s)', $diff->y, $diff->m, $diff->d);

result: "0 year(s), 1 month(s), 7 day(s)"
-- /snip --

Definition: Opening hours
Each host's profile can (and should) define opening hours.

Definition: Calculation of Workdays
Loop starting from start date to end date (including).
1. Continue with next day if day is public holiday ("no coworking at holiday")
2. Add day to list of workdays if host is open (see: definition "opening hours"
above) at that day. afterwards continue with next day.

At the end of loop a list of workdays is retreived that can be counted.

Price Rules

1st rule
matches if timespan between startdate and end date is 6 months or more
number of months, days between start and enddate is calulated (see above)
price = (number_of_months + (number_of_days/30)) * price_per_6months / 6

2nd rule
matches if timespan between startdate and end date is a month or more
number of months, days between start and enddate is calulated (see above)
price = (number_of_months + (number_of_days/30)) * price_per_month

e.g.: coworker books from feb 1st to 7th of march (both dates including) (=1 month, 7 days),
monthly fee at host: 309,00EUR
price = (1 + 7/30) * 309 = 1,233333333333333 * 309 = 381,10EUR

3rd rule
matches if timespan of working days between startdate and end date is 10 days or more
calulate number_of_workingdays (see above)
test if number_of_workingdays >= 10. if so, price = number_of_working_days * price_per_10days / 10

4th rule
matches if timespan of working days between startdate and end date is 1 day or more
calulate number_of_workingdays (see above)
test if number_of_workingdays >= 1, if so, price = number_of_working_days * price_per_day

In Yellowdesks, there are two types of cancellation available that apply to both coworkers
and hosts: "Soft Cancellation" and "Hard Cancellation". Cancellation requests can be submitted
on the Yellowdesks platform.

Both Soft- and Hard Cancellation requires a cancellation request sent to Yellowdesks that
indicates that one party would like to cancell a specific booking.

A cancellation is checked instantly (as soon as the request is received by Yellowdesks)
and the result is automatically determined by the following rule:

Whenever the cancellation date is prior to the date the stay ist scheduled to start the
cancellation request will be granted. Depending on the host's profile the amount of time is either
- 12 hours for soft cancellation
- 7 calendar days for hard cancellation

Yellowdesks' head office is located in Austria, a country with very high privacy standards and laws.
The Austrian "Datenschutzgesetz" can be found here:
Yellowdesk always tries to ensures your privacy. We do not share your data with any 3rd party w/o your permission.

After booking the coworker needs to know how to access the host's location. For that reason Yellowdesks connects
the coworker with it's host by exchanging their contact information, i.e. phone number and openinginstructions.